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  New for Spring 2012
  Red Head Coleus, Wasabi Coleus,
  Purple Wave Petunia Improved, Black Velvet Petunia.
  Plants will be available locally NOW!!Please call (630) 495-4919
  Plumerias are available locally.. Please call (630) 495-4919

"What people think will not grow in Chicago I grow in Chicago. Plumerias, Mandevilla, Bird-of-Paradise, etc... True tropicals.. Tropicals are annuals in Chicago.. They require full sun, fertilizer, and water. "

I grow Plumerias, Mandevillas, and Purple Wave Petunias. Which are available in the spring. Other tropicals are available also.

N.J. Tropicals and More

Design, Plants, Etc.

         Alice DuPont Mandevilla 
      Purple Wave Petunia Improved     Black Velvet Petunia     
              RED HEAD COLEUS              WASABI COLEUS          
                 Your Complete Tower Garden™ Kit
           Everything You Need To Start Growing Now!


Sunday, November 19, 2017